Mt. Baldy: Ice House Canyon Swimming Holes

by Gabrielle Antonette and Carrie Nusbaum

Taking a vacation may sound like a time commitment, but in LA, that's not always the case! The closest place that feels far is probably Mt. Baldy. We drove a mere 30 minutes from home and felt like we were...3 hours away. Bang for your buck! Mollika was our lovely tour guide this time.

Mt. Baldy offers all levels of hiking as well as some interesting points of exploration. There's a greenhouse, some Native American huts, and various other cool-looking old things. It's neat, just trust us. This time we tried the Ice House Canyon Trail. Once you hike for awhile there are little hole areas in the river that are nice to chill in. Prepare to feel very chilled. We went on a notably hot day and the water was still too cold to get into.

We decided to stop in Claremont on our way home to grab some food post-hike. We ended up stopping by this cool vintage store in town after our meal. The Grove Vintage mostly specializes in home goods, although they have a selection of clothing and jewelry as well. Gabby scored a bar tray and some nautical bookends on the cheap!