The OC

by Gabrielle Antonette

If you're a true fan, you know that we haven't spent much time in the OC. The stigma is real. We've decided that if you go in assuming inauthenticity, rampant consumerism, and a lack of diversity in every way, then you might be pleasantly surprised. There's a lot of wandering to be done. We're sort of overwhelmed by how many more beaches and doughnut flavors we have yet to try.   

The best way to get around the OC is by riding a motorcycle up and down the coast. Driving, biking, or taking public transportation also work if you want to feel less cool. We recommend taking it easy and focusing in on lounging, dessert, and beer. Our three stops are along a 24-mile stretch of PCH. Moss Cove (called Moss Point Beach on Yelp but we don't know why) is a private, very tiny, sort of secret beach. The water is much more clear/blue than LA waters tend to be. It's probably a lovely place to swim when the current is calm, unlike this weekend (there's a hurricane somewhere). This surely varies, but it wasn't crowded at all. After climbing around on rocks and lying down on a towel for a bit, it's time for Sidecar Doughnuts. They're famous for their butter and salt flavor cake doughnut, which lives up to the hype. They have doughnuts that are gluten-free and some that are decorated with flower petals, but they can do classic just as well as they do fancy (as proven by a totally legitimate glazed twist). Mother's Tavern boasts "the coldest beer in town," and we don't think they're lying despite our limited experience. This place is rough around the edges and possibly offensive to women (there are bras and undies hanging everywhere), but it's also just a quintessential biker bar that should be experienced at least once. A decent beer selection and a live country band make for a good ending. 

Posted on September 8, 2014 .