Low to Moderate Risk Trespassing: Lake Dolores Waterpark

by Gabrielle Antonette

While we still don't have Halloween costumes or even plans to have Halloween costumes, we've been getting into the spirit by visiting creepy and/or haunted places all October. We discovered the abandoned Lake Dolores Waterpark by accident. We were driving home from Las Vegas on the 15 freeway, in the Mojave Desert about 2 hours from LA, and spotted a collection of little pastel-colored buildings off in the distance. We immediately turned around, anxiously hoping that this dreamy wonderland wasn't completely fenced in. Surprisingly, it wasn't. We walked right in, and we didn't see any cop cars pass by while we were there. Easy. But! The reason why this borders on moderate risk trespassing is that it might be overrun by blood-thirsty meth zombies. Everything seemed fine at first, but then, ominous messages tagged on the walls. Then, a hole in the ground (large enough for at least one human body) covered by a piece of wood that said, "DO NOT MOVE." Then,  a door that was once ajar, on second glance, closed! We were ready to flee at this point but stuck it out, blaming everything on the wind, and ultimately nothing bad happened.

This place is cool. We later learned of its name, and that it was built in the 1950s and functioned as a waterpark on and off until the early 2000s. It's slogan was "The Fun Spot of The Desert!" We're sure that it was, and still is, at least a fun spot in a desert.