Agostina Galvez' Lift Up + Tied Up

by Gabrielle Antonette

We have many muses. We love to have them as Weekend Guests when we can, but that's just not always possible. So now--a new series--"inspiration." These shorts by director Agostina Galvez really hit us hard. Galvez and her team brought together some of the most beautiful movement, fashion, and scenery (in LA, of course). She follows three brilliant gymnasts, Nastasya Generalova, Aliya Protto, and Gabrielle Lowenstein, as they bid to join the USA's 2016 Olympics team. It may be too late for us to be pro athletes, but we definitely want to hang out at this sick location, Angels Gate Park Center. The videos are featured on Nowness, so use the links below to see them in their entirety:

Lift Up

Tied Up

Posted on November 8, 2015 .