LA Parks: Elysian Park

by Gabrielle Antonette and Carrie Nusbaum

We probably spend more time in Elysian than in any other park just because it's so close to home. On the weekends, it's full of families barbecuing or birthday partying. On Cinco de Mayo, though: low riders. We attended this car show on accident, but then sort of fell in love with its strange beauty. The reflections of palm trees on the cars' very shiny surfaces nearly killed us. 

Aside from cars and soft serve, there's also Dodger Stadium, the Police Academy (and the cafe inside, a semi-secret), miles of trails, Angel's Point (for downtown views), Buena Vista Point (for LA river/Glassel Park views), an Arboretum, courts for basketball and tennis, and...probably many other places that just aren't coming to mind at this particular moment. It's worth exploring, and that is the real point.

The bball courts in Elysian are usually not too busy, which is convenient for people who are not hot shots (read: us), and who don't tend to dominate spaces (us, again).  On this particular day we brought snacks and our friend Thomas along.