DTLA: Fashion (District)

by Carrie Nusbaum

The Fashion District is a great place to go after you've had coffee and a meal (worst case: buy a juice or some fruit from one of the many stands before you start). It feels like another place, another country maybe, and it's kind of a lot to handle during daytime hours when there are inevitably tons of people around, parking lot attendants on every street waving orange flags and yelling, and all that on top of all of the colors, textures, fabric fumes, and all the weird and cheap miscellaneous goods being sold. But maybe there is some order in the chaos, and once you get into it you can really kill some time there. 

We usually go for Michael Levine's, which is a huge and excellent fabric store. The prices there are generally pretty good, and they have just about everything you'll ever need (or at least everything we've ever needed in our amateurish sewing endeavors). Bonus: across the street from the main store, there's a scrap auxiliary store where you can dig through tons of boxes of fabric scraps, and then buy them for dirt cheap. 

Posted on July 16, 2014 .