One Day In LA

by Gabrielle Antonette

Okay, I know that Los Angeles is huge and therefore a somewhat unmanageable travel destination. It's not easy to show up and just get it. But doesn't that make it even more special when you do eventually get it? I think so. I am all about sharing the sometimes hidden pieces of LA that make it the most diverse and inspiring city I know. I recently got to show my babe friend/San Francisco-based artist, Mia Christopher around for a day. We made many little stops, falling in love over and over with our favorite foods, shops, and sights. We covered a lot of ground from Hollywood to Downtown, but never strayed too far from Sunset Boulevard/Cesar Chavez, so technically, this is doable by public transportation!

The itinerary:

  • Walk of Fame, Hollywood - cheesy in the best way.
  • Muji, Hollywood - Japanese housewares (plus a little bit of everything else) if you're into that, which you probably should be. There are very few Muji locations throughout the country, so chances are your guest has never been to one, and she or he will likely become obsessed.
  • Any souvenir shop - you don't have to buy anything, but you do have to try on some bedazzled "Hollywood" hats and take silly photos.
  • Tif Sigfrids Gallery, Hollywood - a museum could take up the whole day, so visit one of our many, many notable galleries instead. 
  • Square One Dining, East Hollywood - brioche French toast! Done. 
  • Intelligentsia, Silver Lake - maybe you need more coffee or maybe you just want to make sure your out-of-towner sees a celeb. 
  • Mohawk Bend, Echo Park - we don't always recommend the food but real photo booths are a rare commodity these days, and Mohawk Bend has one. This is a quick, but necessary, stop.
  • Angel's Point, Elysian Park - the enormous, 1990's geometric sculpture by Echo Park native, Peter Shire is a beautiful sight, and its backdrop is one of the best views of LA.
  • Grand Central Market/DTLA Cheese, Downtown - ready for more brioche yet? Brioche grilled cheese! Pro-status to anyone who can also fit in McConnell's ice cream post-grilled cheese. We couldn't, unfortunately.
  • Angel's Flight Railway, Downtown - just across the street from GCM is this lovely old trolly. It's closed for construction (or something?) at this point, but it's a sight to see and its adjoining staircase leads you to Angel's Knoll and California Plaza for more fun.
  • Upstairs Bar at the Ace Hotel, Downtown - we're a little torn about establishments that are this trendy, but the rooftop is a pretty great place to be for magic hour and the drinks are delicious. Sorry?