Griffith Park Pool

by Gabrielle Antonette

I don’t know how much of a hidden treasure the Griffith Park Pool truly is, but Anna and I each live about a mile away from it, and for years had no idea what we were missing. I was so pleasantly surprised by the convenience, the architecture, the cleanliness, and even the crowd. I immediately decided it would be a weekly destination for the remainder of the summer, but that sentiment changed pretty quickly after an unfortunate run-in with the authorities.

We were taking photos after our dip, because it was a beautiful day, and we generally take photos everywhere we go, and there was no reason not to here, right? Well. The staff started to stalk us. It took us awhile to realize this, because we assume most of the time that people aren’t following us. Then they began to conveniently stand in front of us when we were about to shoot. We still didn’t think much of it—because, hello—there wasn’t any signage, and the several staff members we were within earshot of said nothing. We wrapped up and were about to leave, but wait! A lifeguard was suddenly blocking the exit, and telling us we couldn’t take photos of people at the pool other than our family members. This conversation happens now? We had a lightly heated discussion about how tiny and indistinguishable people would look in our photos, and how we’d be happy to dispose of them if necessary, but nothing we offered seemed to be enough for this tyrannical lifeguard. She insisted we go upstairs to speak with the bureaucrats in power, who eventually let us leave without any real consequence. 

I still recommend this place, so long as you learn from our mistakes and move quickly. It’s only open until September 6th! There’s a parking lot, the basic adult admission fee is $3.50, and one final eye roll: no snacks allowed. 

3401 Riverside Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Posted on August 15, 2015 .