The Peach / Hansen Dam

by Gabrielle Antonette

Deep in the Valley, there’s a combination pool/beach that Anna found out about, literally three years ago, and dubbed “the peach.” Real name: The Hansen Dam Aquatic Center. We talked about checking out the peach many times and just never managed to get our act together until a couple weekends ago. Over the years I had hyped up this dreamland as, surely, all the best components of a pool combined with all the best components of a beach. Despite it missing the mark by quite a lot, we had a fun day. How could we not? We had nowhere else to be, we had plenty of space to lay out the towels, the water was much warmer than the ocean water around here, there were vendors with ice cream and tacos and stuff, and we were in the best company. 

Things that threatened the fun potential: there were hundreds or thousands of people there (many of them unattended children), there was a line to get in (about a half hour wait), and the water was very shallow (making any attempt to swim futile).

It’s surprisingly open from 7:30am-7pm during the summer, so maybe there’s a better day or time to go. It’s only $3.50 per person and about a 30 minute drive from central L.A., so it’s worth a shot. We may just stick to concrete pools and sandy beaches for awhile, though.