Worth It: Elusive, Expensive Banh Mi

by Gabrielle Antonette

Some people think that banh mi outside the SGV and over $4 is blasphemous, but dudes, Ô Banh Mi on Hyperion is worth the compromise. The food is fresh, the coffee is strong, the staff is nice, and the atmosphere is cute. Despite a fairly simple menu, there's a veggie option in each of the 3 categories: sandwich, salad, and curry. Elodie vouches for the lemongrass chicken and the sardine banh mi. People also seem to go wild for the roasted pork. This time I had the lemongrass tofu banh mi. The crunchy-yet-fluffy bread, well-seasoned chewy tofu, slightly sweet sauce, and crisp pickles were harmonious and inspired serious cravings. It's an elusive spot in that it's only open 4 hours per day (noon-4pm daily) and is so subtle that one can drive past it everyday for years without noticing it (which I definitely did).

Ô Banh Mi

1997 Hyperion Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Posted on May 14, 2016 .

LA Snacks: Locol / Watts for Beginners

by Gabrielle Antonette

Our boy Roy Choi (we've run into him around town so many times that we're definitely on friendly terms/he doesn't know us but we feel super familiar with him) has done it again. His latest, Locol, shows us even more of his silly side and affinity for wordplay. Loco/local, you know. Nuggets are now "nugs," and breakfast is "brekkie." It's fast food, with prices not far off from the major chains, but with good food/decor/music/vibes. Locol is in Watts, and the residents appeared pleased about all the new jobs and fresh food. The staff was incredibly helpful and seemed proud of how their hard work was paying off in terms of long lines and smiling customers. Today, one week since opening day, we showed up at 11:15am (hours are 11am-10pm) and the line wasn't bad. We waited about 15 minutes, and the food was ready shortly thereafter. They were somehow already out of veggie "burgs"? We tried apple lime agua fresca, "foldies," which are flattened little tacos, veggie nugs, noodles, and a soft serve sundae. The sundae with caramel sauce and almonds was really yummy, and everything else was good, possibly except for the under-flavored noodles. Pals seemed to like the burgs and stews. We'll be going back. 

Locol is a half mile from Watts Towers, so we walked over afterward. Take a look at our post about Watts Towers. Watts is a neighborhood with a rich history that certainly deserved a visit before Locol, and now you have one more excuse to get over there.

Address: 1950 E. 103rd Street, L.A., CA 90002. Indoor and patio seating. Not too bad street parking. Celeb sighting: Jon Favreau. 

Posted on January 23, 2016 .

LA Snacks: Daughter's Granola + Weekend Babes

by Gabrielle Antonette and Emilie Coulson

July is National Ice Cream Month! Although our obsession is not arbitrarily bound by time, we're doing some special things to celebrate this month. Our friend, Emilie Coulson, creates the most delicious, inspired granola we've ever had. Lucky us (and lucky you)--our mutual admiration has led to a little collaboration. Daughter's Granola offers a Granola of the Month delivery, and July's flavor is our Neapolitan Ice Cream. Being that ice cream is one of the most desirable treats to have atop a mountain or beside a campfire, yet practically impossible to have in these situations, an ice cream granola really suits our needs. Here are some important details from Emilie herself:

For our special blend, we started with the idea of a classic ice cream combo: Neapolitan. Just like the tricolor ice cream, this blend comprises three flavors: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. The chocolate takes the form of a rich cocoa granola, made with natural-process cocoa and old-fashioned malted milk from King Arthur’s Flour. The vanilla is a blonde, lighter granola, layered on top of the chocolate. And the strawberry flavor comes from California strawberries, sun-dried with no added preservatives. Eat this granola poolside, while camping, or on top of ice cream! We hope you like it.

New to the Granola of the Month Club? Join this community-supported granola association to receive a new special blend each month, and each one a surprise! Those who place new orders for the club by July 15 will start with the July blend, and those who place orders after July 15 will begin with the August blend.

Sign up for three, six, or twelve months, or gift a membership to a loved one. Shipping is included in all memberships, which start with a low-commitment trial of three months for $36. While each new month’s blend is not revealed until the first week of that month, you can get a sense of what you’re in for by reviewing the past special blends in the Granola of the Month Club gallery

Posted on July 6, 2015 .

LA Snacks: Commissary at The Line Hotel

by Gabrielle Messineo and Carrie Nusbaum

Even if you haven't found a good reason to stay at The Line Hotel, it's definitely worth stopping by if you're into keeping up with the trends (it's relatively new, anyway) and happen to be in or around Koreatown. There are several restaurants/cafes/clubs housed within The Line complex, but our favorite place for a meal or a snack is Commissary. The restaurant is in a big greenhouse on the roof of the second floor of the hotel, with the pool and lounge area right beside it. It's warm and bright, and if you catch it at a non-peak time, it's a pretty serene place to nosh. The menu is varied, highlighting fresh veggies, and drawing from a range of cuisines including some classic American items (Jon Favreau's perfect grilled cheese pictured, for instance). 

If you have time before or after, you can swing by everyone's favorite place to buy cool and beautiful objects—Poketo—they have a second location in the hotel lobby, just past the elevators. The perfume we picked up is noteworthy to say the least.