LA Snacks: Honeymee Seriously

by Gabrielle Antonette

Weekend Babes love snacks, of course, and we feel like maybe we haven't been talking about it enough. We talk a lot about our trips, but there are endless gems at home in LA, and we appreciate that maybe more than anything else. LA Snacks is a new series that looks at the food component of local wandering. We apologize in advance if it ends up being all ice cream all the time. 

Honeymee has just a few menu items that all sound really delicious. We went with their signature Honeymee: "true milk" ice cream with a honeycomb chip on top. It's as simple as it sounds, in the best way. The true/plain ice cream works perfectly with the very sweet honeycomb, and it's overall a light and refreshing treat. The yelp reviews for this place aren't overwhelmingly favorable. People have said they've gotten attacked by bees while eating their dessert (really though?), that the honeycomb is too sweet (it's a honeycomb and that's what they taste like FYI), and that it's too expensive (reassess your snack budget if needed).

A slightly hidden secret about Honeymee is that it's located steps away from a classic LA monument, Koreatown's Brown Derby. The Brown Derby (shaped like a derby hat) was one of Hollywood's hottest restaurants in the 1920's. It is now a decrepit, abandoned piece of LA history that has been almost entirely enveloped by a strip mall/the strip mall that Honeymee is in. We recommend you eat your ice cream on the second level of the structure, sit on the seemingly useless and phallic bumpers that surround the hat, and enjoy the views.

Some details you may find useful: 3377 Wilshire Blvd Suite 116, Los Angeles, CA 90017, noon to 11pm Monday-Thursday, noon to midnight on the weekends, accepts credit, and there's no indoor seating.

Posted on September 27, 2014 .