LA Snacks: Commissary at The Line Hotel

by Gabrielle Messineo and Carrie Nusbaum

Even if you haven't found a good reason to stay at The Line Hotel, it's definitely worth stopping by if you're into keeping up with the trends (it's relatively new, anyway) and happen to be in or around Koreatown. There are several restaurants/cafes/clubs housed within The Line complex, but our favorite place for a meal or a snack is Commissary. The restaurant is in a big greenhouse on the roof of the second floor of the hotel, with the pool and lounge area right beside it. It's warm and bright, and if you catch it at a non-peak time, it's a pretty serene place to nosh. The menu is varied, highlighting fresh veggies, and drawing from a range of cuisines including some classic American items (Jon Favreau's perfect grilled cheese pictured, for instance). 

If you have time before or after, you can swing by everyone's favorite place to buy cool and beautiful objects—Poketo—they have a second location in the hotel lobby, just past the elevators. The perfume we picked up is noteworthy to say the least.