LA Snacks: LA Chapter

by Gabrielle Antonette and Carrie Nusbaum

Sometimes you wake up on a Sunday and the only choice is fancy brunch. We went downtown to eat and chill at LA Chapter at the Ace Hotel a few Sundays ago. Pro-tip: call 40 minutes before you go and make a reservation if you hate the threat of having to wait for breakfast like we do. If you have a close friend, you probably already know that splitting two meals (especially for breakfast) is the way to go. We decided on the ricotta pancakes and the house-cured gravlax for a nice combination of savory and sweet, and a side of hash browns because...why not? They come in perfectly browned sets of two, so it's really as if they were made for us. We also tried out a couple of cocktails after debating over whether or not one breakfast cocktail would make us sleepy for the rest of the day (they ended up being strong, so the answer to that was yes...but that's really one of those lessons we just refuse to learn).

After brunch, we headed upstairs to take in the view, and to stand and sit around for a bit. We both feel pretty strongly that the pool should be a hot tub, for the record.  It definitely looks like one in terms of shape and, uh, bubbly-ness. And then we could all use it and not just look in the less-warm winter months. But hey, that's just us.

After a little drive through the fashion district on the way home, we continued on with our Sundays.