LA Snacks: Locol / Watts for Beginners

by Gabrielle Antonette

Our boy Roy Choi (we've run into him around town so many times that we're definitely on friendly terms/he doesn't know us but we feel super familiar with him) has done it again. His latest, Locol, shows us even more of his silly side and affinity for wordplay. Loco/local, you know. Nuggets are now "nugs," and breakfast is "brekkie." It's fast food, with prices not far off from the major chains, but with good food/decor/music/vibes. Locol is in Watts, and the residents appeared pleased about all the new jobs and fresh food. The staff was incredibly helpful and seemed proud of how their hard work was paying off in terms of long lines and smiling customers. Today, one week since opening day, we showed up at 11:15am (hours are 11am-10pm) and the line wasn't bad. We waited about 15 minutes, and the food was ready shortly thereafter. They were somehow already out of veggie "burgs"? We tried apple lime agua fresca, "foldies," which are flattened little tacos, veggie nugs, noodles, and a soft serve sundae. The sundae with caramel sauce and almonds was really yummy, and everything else was good, possibly except for the under-flavored noodles. Pals seemed to like the burgs and stews. We'll be going back. 

Locol is a half mile from Watts Towers, so we walked over afterward. Take a look at our post about Watts Towers. Watts is a neighborhood with a rich history that certainly deserved a visit before Locol, and now you have one more excuse to get over there.

Address: 1950 E. 103rd Street, L.A., CA 90002. Indoor and patio seating. Not too bad street parking. Celeb sighting: Jon Favreau. 

Posted on January 23, 2016 .