Worth It: Elusive, Expensive Banh Mi

by Gabrielle Antonette

Some people think that banh mi outside the SGV and over $4 is blasphemous, but dudes, Ô Banh Mi on Hyperion is worth the compromise. The food is fresh, the coffee is strong, the staff is nice, and the atmosphere is cute. Despite a fairly simple menu, there's a veggie option in each of the 3 categories: sandwich, salad, and curry. Elodie vouches for the lemongrass chicken and the sardine banh mi. People also seem to go wild for the roasted pork. This time I had the lemongrass tofu banh mi. The crunchy-yet-fluffy bread, well-seasoned chewy tofu, slightly sweet sauce, and crisp pickles were harmonious and inspired serious cravings. It's an elusive spot in that it's only open 4 hours per day (noon-4pm daily) and is so subtle that one can drive past it everyday for years without noticing it (which I definitely did).

Ô Banh Mi

1997 Hyperion Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90027

Posted on May 14, 2016 .