Camping with Mom: Ontario, Canada

by Carrie Nusbaum

As a kid, camping was a late summer staple, and so when I was back in Michigan recently my mom and I decided to take a short trip for nostalgia's sake to Pinery Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada—a large park and campground only a couple of hours away from home, and on the shore of beautiful Lake Huron. 

We hadn't opened some of our boxes of camping supplies in something like 15 years, and so each one was like a funny 90s time capsule. Despite going long untouched, everything still worked just camping technology has not really progressed much since then anyway. We, however, were a little rusty (apparently), and somehow got all the way to Canada, got camp all set up and only then realized that we had actually forgotten to bring the sleeping bags (sigh). Sadly for us, the usually hot nights were not so hot on these particular days, and one of us spent a very cold night in a hammock. But hey, I guess that's the kind of stuff that makes vacation memorable, right? The woods are beautiful, but the hiking isn't much to speak of (all of the trails are under a mile long, basically, and hardly qualify as hikes by west coast standards), so instead we spent the days swimming in the lake. We ate huge ice cream cones for lunch multiple days in a row, and it was sweet and fun, and that was exactly the point. 

Posted on September 18, 2014 .