Salt Lake City / Antelope Island State Park

by Carrie Nusbaum

Now that winter is in full effect for many people (despite it being 70 degrees here in LA), maybe spring daydreams are starting to bloom. Last spring I discovered a special little spot that I haven't yet gotten the chance to share with you. I spent a couple of days in Salt Lake City, and took a day trip out to do some hiking on Antelope Island State Park. The island might actually be most well known for being home to a big bison herd, although I actually didn't see any when I was there. The island is in the Great Salt Lake, maybe 45 minutes from SLC proper, and the surrounding water is so still that there are awesome mirror-like reflections all around, which made for some pretty excellent views. Of course, there is one major downside to very still water, and that problem is gnats. Specifically biting gnats. Swarms of gnats so thick that they look like tiny tornadoes, and stretch as far as the eye can see. The gnats are worse nearer to the water, and at certain times of year, so try to avoid them when you go. I definitely underestimated how annoying they could be, and was basically swatting myself during the entire 7 mile hike up to Frary Peak and back. The hike was a challenge, especially the last quarter mile or so, and I saw more than one snake (yikes), but it was very beautiful, and so ultimately worth it. 

Posted on January 10, 2015 .