Joshua Tree

by Gabrielle Antonette and Carrie Nusbaum

We ventured out into the desert recently with a group of our favorite people, and rented a beautiful house just outside of Joshua Tree National Park for a weekend. If you aren't already familiar with airbnb, you ought to be. It's sort of an indispensable tool when it comes to weekend getaways, especially on a budget. We originally went to watch the Draconids meteor shower. A note to you and our future selves on the meteor shower observation: we heard that the shower was even more spectacular in the late-late night. We may or may not have given up too early and missed the best part. Don't make that mistake. It was such a nice weekend spent with friends! Check it out.

Things worth checking out (definitely not an exhaustive list):

  • Joshua Tree National Park: Please, please don't go to Joshua Tree and miss the park itself. It's not only Joshua Trees forever on end (although it is a lot of that). The Keyes view at Sunset was a definite highlight. The employees at the information center are super helpful and kind.
  • Pappy & Harriet's: For food and music! If you go early in the day, you might catch the night's act sound-checking. Rumor has it that it's the best barbecue in California (we aren't arguing). If you come for a show at night (which we recommend--the space is beautiful), brats and beer are available out back.
  • The Integratron: For an auditory experience.
  • Pie for the People: For a BIG piece of pizza, if your heart desires. 

Big thanks to Aaron for snapping, and letting us share pics 1 through 3.