Desert Wedding / Joshua Tree, CA

by Gabrielle Antonette and Carrie Nusbaum

Perhaps by the standards of many places, there isn't a ton to do in Joshua Tree. There is, though, definitely more than enough to entertain any given individual for the length of a few weekends every year. Trips there (and maybe anywhere) are always more about being in good company than about doing things anyway. This time we went out with our friends Jorge and Marisa to celebrate the wedding of our mutual friends.

The recent government shutdown caused some confusion and an Airbnb near-disaster, but by the same coin we were able to find another place to stay pretty easily. We spent most of Saturday climbing around boulders in the nearly-empty national park (Jumbo Rocks and Arch Rock, specifically), we stopped for date shakes and tamales, we napped by the pool, and we ate/drank/danced until late at the beautiful wedding. 

On Sunday, narrowly avoiding post-wedding hangovers, we had more date shakes, fresh juices, and veggie biscuits and gravy for breakfast. As we sat, we ran into friends and appreciated the smallness of the town.  And then by some act of fate the Integratron was having a "no reservations weekend" sound bath session just as we arrived. This experience goes highly recommended by us. Tickets were $20, but are decidedly worth more. The spooky somehow-private cross-room whisper conversations are worth the money alone, and the rest of the session is really just transcendental. 

Posted on October 21, 2013 and filed under featured.