Palm Springs: Birthday Babes

by Carrie Nusbaum

Back to Palm Springs, this time to celebrate our friend Elizabeth's birthday. We decided to do it on-the-cheap (because hey, we're young), so we stayed at the Motel 6 "downtown." Cheap it was, and also moderately not-nice, as was probably to be expected. The toilet was broken in such a way that all four of us actually got sprayed by it at some point (?), mostly while half-awake in the dead of night. 

But the pool time, which is really how we spent most of our time, was the tops. We had lunch at the Ace Hotel when we got there, and then proceeded to use their pool without paying, which was convenient. Heads up--the day rate (if you aren't a hotel guest) is now $30--pretty steep, especially since you can just go down to the Saguaro for maybe $10 if there's a party, or for free, if there isn't. The latter is what we did the second day, and damn! It was so nice. We laid around and swam, and got drinks and nachos. The nachos were especially memorable, so definitely get those if you are a little bit drunk and need a snack. 

We also had a special dinner at the very entertaining Lyons English Grille, which is, as it sounds, basically an english steakhouse and real "old school" Palm Springs kind of place. It was dimly lit, the drinks were cheap, the meals were huge, the servers seem like they had been there since the hay-day, and there was a real-deal lounge act who hilariously serenaded the lovely birthday lady. The whole bar also joined in for a round of Piano Man to round it off.