Cayucos Stop

by Gabrielle Antonette and Carrie Nusbaum

Since have been repeatedly/incessantly visiting Big Sur recently, we have made a habit of stopping in Cayucos on our way home. The last time we went it was late morning, we had just packed up camp after Woodsist, and decided to spare ourselves another oatmeal camp breakfast. So we drove down the coast a bit, and stopped in Cayucos seeking breakfast sandwiches and cookies. We checked out the Brown Butter Cookie Company (heads up: these cookies are precious and very tasty, but not cheap), and then stumbled into Skippers Family Restaurant, which we found very charming in that way that beach town holes in the wall often are. The egg sandwich was cheesy, and the potato cakes were greasy, and that's just how we like it. We took a quick walk to the beach, regretted not having room for fish tacos (we hear Cayucos has some of the best!), and then continued south towards home. It's also a lovely spot to pull over for some sunset beach time. There may not be endless attractions in this little town, but we suspect we could fill a weekend there someday. Adding it to the list.